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9/11 Truth DVD - Download and Share It. A ton of evidence.

This is a DVD that I created that has full menus and you can copy it and share it and it will play in any DVD player. Here are the contents of this DVD:

-Loose Change 2nd Edition
-Steven E. Jones Presentation on 9/11
-Bush Family History Link to the Nazi's
-Dutch Documentary 9/11: Attack or Godsend?
-Clip from 9/11 Eyewitness letting you hear the bombs going off
-Clip from 9/11 Eyewitness analyzing the collapse of WTC7
-MIT Engineer Jeff King
-PNAC and the Neo-Cons
-Alex Jones predicting 9/11
-Building the World Trade Center
-Plus many other small clips

It is in Torrent format. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is very easy. Download this program(http://www.utorrent.com/) and then download the torrent for my DVD and then simply open the torrent file and it will download for you.

Torrent Link:

or try this link

Also, if you are new to burning DVD's, check this out.

911 Made In The USA featuring Loose Change

This is a compilation of 9/11 footage from around the world showing that many around the world are trying to get the message out, and the great lengths the guilty are going to to hide the truth. This DVD includes the full version of Loose Change First Edition by Dylan Avery, along with documentary samples from 911 Eyewitness, Japan, and a German documentary with an exclusive interview with the filmmaker telling how his documentary was suppressed the next day after it was aired. A must see! [Buy the DVD]

911 Made In The USA with Loose Change 1of4 (WMV 47megs)

911 Made In The USA with Loose Change 2of4 (WMV 47megs)

911 Made In The USA with Loose Change 3of4 (WMV 47megs)

911 Made In The USA with Loose Change 4of4 (WMV 47megs)

Loose Change Second Edition is not so much a sequel as a remake of the original with added footage. Also below is Loose Change coverage by Fox News' New York affiliate that was so popular it shut down their video server on the web. [Official Loose Change Web Site]

Loose Change 2E 1of3 (WMV 47megs)

Loose Change 2E 2of3 (WMV 47megs)

Loose Change 2E 3of3 (WMV 47megs)

Loose Change 2E - Coverage by Fox News
12/01/2005 (WMV 10megs)

Loose Change 2E - Coverage by Fox News
12/02/2005 (WMV 9megs)

911 Eyewitness is a detailed analysis of the sounds of the WTC collapse as heard by a witness on the New Jersey shoreline. This is a stunning video.

[Buy the DVD]

911 Eyewitness 1of3 (WMV 48megs)

911 Eyewitness 2of3 (WMV 48megs)

911 Eyewitness 3of3 (WMV 48megs)

Secret Evil A great quick Overview of the 911 Issues:

Secret Evil of 911 (WMV 12 megs)

911 Mysteries The first 9/11 movie designed specifically for the mainstream audience, a theatrical quality movie-length DVD with a full original soundtrack that will rivet you to your seat and blast out of your home theatre system. Coming soon for DVD purchase and download. 911 Mysteries Web Site

911 Mysteries_Trailer (WMV 6 megs)

Martial Law Alex Jones brings his bulldog style to the 911 issue in a big way. This video covers 911 issues with tons of references, as well as proof of the new police state that it has allowed to take hold. [Buy the DVD]

Alex Jones - Martial Law 911 1of5 (WMV 48megs)

Alex Jones - Martial Law 911 2of5 (WMV 48megs)

Alex Jones - Martial Law 911 3of5 (WMV 48megs)

Alex Jones - Martial Law 911 4of5 (WMV 48megs)

Alex Jones - Martial Law 911 5of5 (WMV 48megs)

The Great Conspiracy News Flash: This news special never appeared on the evening news detailing the oddities of the 9/11 attacks, but it raises some amazing questions that everyone should be asking.

The Great Conspiracy - The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw 1of3 (WMV 48megs)

The Great Conspiracy - The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw 2of3 (WMV 48megs)

The Great Conspiracy - The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw 3of3 (WMV 48megs)

Professor Stephen Jones of Brigham Young University detailed how the collapses of the WTC were most likely caused by explosives. His astounding story was covered fairly by a local Utah TV station.

Professor Steven Jones on Utah TV News (WMV 7megs)

The Corporation My vote for the best documentary ever made, this film details the psychological profile of the Corporation, an entity which controls our world, health, information, entertainment, food and political systems. [Buy the DVD]

The Corporation 1of6 (WMV 47megs)

The Corporation 2of6 (WMV 47megs)

The Corporation 3of6 (WMV 47megs)

The Corporation 4of6 (WMV 47megs)

The Corporation 5of6 (WMV 47megs)

The Corporation 6of6 (WMV 47megs)

Hemp Revolution A ray of hope! This should make you feel better because the solutions for most of the worlds problems are within our reach, but are simply being suppressed by corporate interests, but we can have them if we want them enough. Industrial Hemp is not a drug, has no psychotropic effects, yet it is illegal to grow this natural plant in the USA. Want to know why? It's all here.

Hemp Revolution 1of3 (WMV 47megs)

Hemp Revolution 2of3 (WMV 47megs)

Hemp Revolution 3of3 (WMV 47megs)


Videos/audios/Photographs/Books to read online

updated March 2005








videos wtc 1

picturesbush-burns bush visit 2002

pulverized 9/11 site many pictures WTC

many WTC photographs Oct.2001

WTC Bilder

more WTC




mostly english AND VIEW ONLINE LINKS

many documentaries for download torrents www.mininova.org/sub/35

many videos for download : www.alCIAda.net


Videoactivist links



new links mix 2005:


videolinks 911

ak press video - dvd - shop

snowshoe documentaries shop

good mix

 BBC - America Is Now The Ultimate Prison State Its a big download 206 MB [50min 07sec]...


independent-media.tv/- videos collection


  • "Reichstag Fire", by activist/singer/songwriter David Rovics

  • Eminem's "Mosh" Video Slams Bush War Machine

  • bushman

    Video Files



    Video: The Human Cost of War 

    Homeless vets, from Vietnam to Iraq

    Purple Hearts

    Video: A Message In English From "Iraqi Resistance" Movement :

    Losing Hearts & Minds:

    Iraqi Lullaby

    Marine Kills Iraqi POW:

    Video: Mission Accomplished 

    The Power of Nightmares

    Fahrenheit 9/11the Movie

    John Pilger: Stealing a Nation

    I Didn't Know I Was Unamerican: 

    The World According to Bush

    The Secret Government

    Bush Pre-senile Dementia Video

    Dick Cheney - Unauthorized Biography 

    Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear, and the Selling of American Empire

    9/11 In Plane Sight

    The Panama Deception

    Video: The Trials of Henry Kissinger: The Making Of A War Criminal:

    Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War

    Operation Saddam; America's Propaganda Battle

    Elite Propaganda: The Myth of the Liberal Media

    Propaganda: My Japan:

    Propaganda - Our Enemy: The Japanese

    Take No Prisoners

    The Incredible Lying BushCo

    Deadline Iraq - Uncensored Stories of the War


    Skull And Bones

    FOX: Israel Spying On U.S

    The Bush Family Fortunes

    Chalmers Johnson: Militarism and the American Empire:

    School Of Assasins

    Eisenhower's Warns America

    Exposed: The Carlyle Group A Must Watch Documentary


    Americas Third World War

    "Bring Them On" Picture Album

    War In All It's Glory!

    Israel's Secret Weapon

    Images Of War

    Elite Propaganda

    How The Rendon Group Spun the Iraq Propaganda for Chalabi's INC 

    POW'S Video

    John Pilger: "Palestine is Still the Issue"


    Convoy of Death


    "The War Song" video

    We Don't Want Your War!


    Lifting the Fog

    conspiracy of silence

    President Bush: In an Emergency State Of The Union Speech To Congress. Listen Live

    Mr. Bush You Have Soiled Our Flag With The Blood Of Children



    David Shayler former M15 spy on  Blair and Iraq


    Greg Palast: Has someone been sitting on the FBI?:

     State Dept-CIA allowing terrorists into the US?




















    Power of Nightmares: assesses threat from a hidden and organised terrorist network is an illusion. explains how illusion was created and who benefits BBC

    The World According to Bush VIDEO A MUST




     free radio wfmu NYC


    rock against bush

    Prayer for the soldier musicvideo - a must


    VERY stylish video from OTEP!
    Click here to publicize this video on your site!

    May 21, 2004
    9-11 Widow Ellen Mariani is a Guest on Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman

    May 21, 2004
    Farrakhan: Bush administration let 9/11 happen on purpose

    5- 24, 04
    Larry Bensky Dismisses "Slippery Conspiracy Theories" from "Fanatics" During Live Pacifica Coverage of 9-11 Commission Hearings


    http://www.cambiumarray.com/pledge.html not in our name



    The Joy of Micropamphleting


    skull bush kerry 2 short video 05/04

    Listen to a special TUC Radio: INTERNATIONAL INQUIRY INTO 9-11 Press Conference Opening Press Conference

    antisheep videos and audi collection

    many videolinks linkcrusader.com

    [Bushflash.com] Reinigt George W. Bush auf diesem Video seine Brille an der Jacke einer Frau hinter den Kulissen von Lettermann?

    Power Junkies" - Ein Anti-George-Werbespot von theanti-drug.com. (Quicktime, 4 MB)


    911 videos tv etc



    seattle video links


    globalchange videos 45x


    9/11- 11.September:

    collection of videos

    another great collection


    radiofreeamerica videoclips

    Naomi Klein/Noam Chomsky/Kevin Danaher/Rabbi Aschermann/ Michael Franti/Michael Kimmel etc etc

    many clips alternative views on 9/11 english

    madcowproduction movies online several clips

    BBC Newsnight Greg Palast - Bush blocked Bin Ladins probes 9 min engl.

    Greg Pallast on bin laden connections 3 video clips

    Questions 9/11 AfterMath 30min engl. Guerilla network news

    Guerillanews GNN - videostore

    STORY OF September 11th flash

    some videos 9/11 ALEX JONES

    911 The Road to Tyranny  download

    war conspiracy - 9/11 - wartalk globalfreepressclip1 english

    4 min english attackonamerica.net/lonegunmanpilot. us movie like 9/11



    Clark Kissinger on the Pariot act 25 min english :

    The USA PATRIOT Act strips U.S. residents of their civil liberties



    US Networks 9-11 videos many links

    english F 15 clip of WTC with F 15 ?

    Air Force One Leaving Sarasota 3 min

    Bush at Emma E. Booker School

    4 min Presdent addresses nation 2001

    4 min Day of Terror- CNN Video Archive

    4 minRescue efforts ongoing NY 2001

    9/11 Final phone call 2min

    Timeline to terror

    First plane hits North Tower

    Second plane hits South Tower

    World Trade Center collapses

    Dramatic accounts

    Witness describes terror

    Scores hospitalized

    Touched by terror

    Number 7 collapses

    spiegel 9/11 video sammlung

    911 Link Alluded to in Indian Parliament

    More 911-Related Questions



    a must Breaking The Silence: special video report into the "war on terror" Award winning journalist John Pilger. 51 min.

    Exposé of Pentagon use of depleted uranium weapons which have compromised the health of tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians Contains interviews with Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. Michio Kaku and former Attorney General Ramsey Clark. METAL OF DISHONOUR 50 min

    Michael Moore PRESS CONFERENCE


    Truth behind 9/11 - Michael Chossudovsky Calgary 6/2002

    war protest - some same as above globalfreepressclip2 engl. 9/11


    gulf war 1 the lost tapes 10 min

    english NO BASES FOR WAR 5min

    engl human shields iraq 2003

    krieg ohnevideo ende 30 min

    Dr Rokke discusses the effects of depleted uranium 5min

    Helen Caldicott on DU depleted uranium


    HELEN CALDICOTT "Nuclear Madness and Missile Envy: The New Nuclear Danger", April 28, 2003 in Vancouver

    Part 1 Click here for 56k realvideo MEDIAPLAYER 20min info

    Part 2 Click here for 56k realvideo MEDIAPLAYER 20min

    Part 3 Click here for 56k realvideo MEDIAPLAYER 20min


    Tariq Ali --"War and Empire - World Politics After Iraq" talk April 8, 2003 info

    part 1 20min realplayer

    part 2 20min realplayer

    part 3 18min realplayer



    Watch Video Hidden Wars of Desert Storm


    anti war rally globalfreepressclip5 engl


    women in black globalfreepressclip4 engl . anti war group

    Schwarzkopf on Irakwar 2min

    King Bush flash 2min

    S-11 Redux

    WORKING TV Chomsky , Helen Caldicott

    Parenti etc great site




    Thoughts From Within

    The CIA suppression of Peter Dale Scott


    Crack The CIA

    The Most Dangerous Game The truth behind Nazis and U.S. psyops


    www.addictedtowar.com 3 min clip

    Greg Palast - on venezuela coup

    Secret Empire: Eisenhower, The CIA, and The Hidden Story of America’s Space Espionage Philip Taubmann



    Greg Palast engl

    on florida elections

    florida election flash 2 min

    on best democracy can buy

    Greg Palast - Theft of the presidency

    floridafightsback video of stolen election view trailer or buy

    SGTV is a potent mix of news, music and political satire. Our first show "Wat Tyler’s Revenge" takes on issues too incendiary to be covered in the lame-stream corporate media such as the government cover up of the events of 9-11, sensible drug policy and the real motives behind aggressive American foreign policy. SGTV is produced by the Global Free Press online community and can be previewed here at GlobalFreePress.com

    bush triumph of a whimp flash




    energy - audios globalpublicmedia videos - peak oil

    audiosROBERT FISKvideos

    direct link to 45 min total The Carlyle Group ATTENTION : after 2 min all english

    B. Moyers interviews L. H. Rockwell, Jr.-Mises Institute-the economic costs of war (March 2003) 20min

    A transcript of this interview is available online


    Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve 45min video with Ron Paul

    moneymasters video for sale

    IBM and the Holocaust

    Truman on the policestate 2 min

    Greg Palast Bush energy plans

    60 min a expose of media-constructed reality 100% unauthorized satellite footage filmmaker B. Springer engl.

    flash takebackthemedia after flash

    gap ad buster globalfreepressclip3 bush parody engl.




    5 X adbuster tv commercials 3 mins

    slow real player fast



    undercurrents.org/ links

    Bush is not a Nazi,so stop saying that

    videoparis, besetzter mc donalds

    indymedia news

    rise4news.net program

    brands in the land of the free

    low real high 5min low quicktime high



    low quicktime high 2min low real high


    how many logos you are wearing ?

    low real high 5 min low quicktime high

    guerilla warfare in the info age

    10 min


    2 min BUSH TELLIETUBBIES english

    illegal art clips


    2x tv turnoff week ads

    slow quicktime fast 10 secs slow real high

    slow quicktime fast10secs slow real fast


    some weird stuff:

    Chem Trails What is wrong with our skies? info

    Perhaps Thomas is a fraud. Perhaps his photographs and videotape evidence are all fakes. Nevertheless, we're told now that Project Censored (U.S.A.), a respected media watchdog group.

    part1 real video media player

    part 2 real video media player

    part 3 real video media player

    part 4 real video media player

    Soviet Weather Engineering over North America -58 min Tom Bearden


    peoplesvideo STORE


    auf deutsch

    Irak-Öl - Deshalb droht Krieg german info

    GEN FOOD MONITOR ARD german info

    US-Diplomatie im Sicherheitsrat german info

    gefährliche Geschäfte deutscher Städte cross border leasing german info

    Medikamente zu Wucherpreisen german info

    Hermesbürgschaften german 2002 info

    video gegengipfel - schulden 3min

    argentinienvideo 2002

    video nikewoman

    sozialforumvideo Florenz 20min

    Bush in video Berlin 2002 30 min

    videozivilisierte und affen 28 min


    import-export video deutsch 2min

    BerlinDer Investor kommt 5min

    Plattform subtv deutsch


    911 Round Table on Coast to Coast Am with George Noory
    mp3 audio files (13 Megs each)

    part 1    part 2    part 3    part 4    part 5


    Martial Law
    by Alex Jones
    part 1 (wmv 13 Megs) part 1 (wmv 76 Megs)
    part 2 (wmv 16 Megs) part 2 (wmv 87Megs)
    part 3 (wmv 18 Megs) part 3 (wmv 96Megs)
    Alternate Broad Band Site

    "We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist." -- Dwight Eisenhower

    Listen to the Alex Jones Radio Show  (Real Player) M-F 9am-12pm and 7pm-10pm PST
    www.WhatReallyHappened.com for your daily news source
    Subscribe to
    www.PrisonPlanet.tv to watch great informative videos and help fight tyranny
    Bush in Perspective a SupportTheTruth.com Collection

    STT - Essentials Video Course
    Recommended Viewing Order
    Pearl Harbor: stream download (real 42 Megs, 1 Hr 9 Mins)
    USS Liberty: part 1 part 2 (ram)
    US and War (qt)
    The Trials of Henry Kissinger: stream download (real 1 Hr)
    The Panama Invasion
          part 1: stream download (real : 37 Minutes, 9 Megs)
          part 2: stream download (real : 37 Minutes, 9 Megs)
          part 3: stream download (real : 23 Minutes, 6 Megs)
    How to Maintain Control (real 4 Megs, 2 Minutes)
    Assassination of Russia stream download (real : 42 Minutes, 26 Megs)
    African Coup (rm 28 Mins, 16 Megs)
    Reichstag Fire: stream download (real : 5 Megs, 9 Mins)
    JFK : The Bush Connection (wmv: 170 Megs, 1 Hr 30 Mins)
    Anthrax Investigation stream download (real )
    Police State 2: The Take Over: part 1 (wmv 102 Megs) part 2 (wmv 108 Megs)
    Conspiracy Confessions (wmv: 17 Megs, 8 Minutes)
    Lone Gunman: stream download (real : 2.3 Megs, 4 Mins)
    9-11: the Road to Tyranny: streaming   download (real : 2 Hrs 22 Mins 48 Megs)
    Painful Deceptions part 1 part 2 (wmv: 11/11 Megs)
    Straight Talk From Alex Jones (real in HTML: 20 secs)
    Masters of Terror (wmv: 2 Hrs, 79 Megs)
    The Making of a Dictator (real : 28 Minutes, 17 Megs)
    Our Buddy (1 Min wmv)
    Operation Hollywood (57 Mins ram)
    They Live Messages (rm 1 Meg, 2 Mins)
    Neo-Con Platform (mov)
    General Schwarzkopf on Iraq (wmv: 1 Minutes)
    Iraq: Scott Ritter (real streaming only: 24 Minutes)
    Evolving Lies (qt)
    UNCOVERED: the whole truth about the Iraq war (wmv: 46 Megs)
    The commander in chief (quicktime)
    Gratitude to the Troops (flash)
    Mission Accomplished (real rm)
    Troops confront Rumsfeld (real streaming)
          another Rummy report (real 2 Mins)
    Part One: WE DID IT TO OURSELVES (real streaming only)
          Part Two: WHAT'S D.U.? stream download (real )
          Part Three: THEY TOLD ME TO LIE stream download (real )
          Part Four: IF YOU WANT TO GO TO WAR, YOU'RE CRAZY stream download (real )
    Truth From Troops (wmv 9 Mins)
    Truth From Troops 2 (quicktime in HTML)
    Truth From Troops 3 (wmv 9 Mins)
    GI Experiments (real 27Megs)
    The Lie (flash)
    The Truth (flash)
    a victim (flash)
    a victim (flash)
    a victim (flash)
    End Course

    STT Video Library!
    "Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act." -George Orwell
    How to Maintain Control (real 4 Megs, 2 Minutes)
    They Live Messages (rm 1 Meg, 2 Mins)
    Lone Gunman: stream download (real : 2.3 Megs, 4 Mins)
    Straight Talk From Alex Jones (real in HTML: 20 secs)
    Conspiracy Confessions (wmv: 17 Megs, 8 Minutes)
    Problem, Reaction, Solution (real stream only: 32 Minutes)
    Why War (by Moore) (qt 10 Megs 3 Mins)

    HISTORY 1 (the History You thought you knew)
    Pearl Harbor: stream download (real : 42 Megs, 1 Hr 9 Mins)
    USS Liberty: part 1 part 2 (real streaming only: 34 Minutes, 34 Minutes)
    Reichstag Fire: stream download (real : 5 Megs, 9 Mins)
    Diana, the Night She Died (wmv, 12 Megs, 48 Mins)

    HISTORY 2 (the History America doesn't advertise)
    The Panama Invasion
          part 1: stream download (real : 37 Minutes, 9 Megs)
          part 2: stream download (real : 37 Minutes, 9 Megs)
          part 3: stream download (real : 23 Minutes, 6 Megs)
    Assassination of Russia stream download (real : 42 Minutes, 26 Megs)
    African Coup (rm 28 Mins, 16 Megs)

    HISTORY 3 (the History of America and Saddam)
    Saddam (flash)
    The Making of a Dictator (real : 28 Minutes, 17 Megs)
    Our Friend Saddam stream dowload (real : 38 Minutes, 28 Megs)
    Secrets of the Iraq War stream download (real : 49 Minutes, 25 Megs)
    Operation Saddam: America's Propaganda Battle (real streaming only: 51 Minutes)

    "Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death." --Adolf Hitler
    Painful Deceptions (avi: 109 Megs)
    Great Illusion part 1   part 2 (wmv: 10 Megs, 10 Megs)
    9-11: the Road to Tyranny: (real : 2 Hrs 22 Mins) streaming   download (48 Megs)
    Masters of Terror (wmv: 2 Hrs, 79 Megs)
    Police State 2: The Take Over (wmv 78 Megs)
    Police State III: Total Enslavement: Low (29Megs)   High (111 Megs) (wmv: 2 Hrs)
    Matrix of Evil (2 hrs, wmv, 87Megs)
    Four 9/11 Widows Speak Out (real : 17 Minutes, 6 Megs)
    Pentagon Strike (flash)
    Painful Questions (flash)
    WTC Collapse Anaysis
    Alex Jones' Audio Report 09/10 (real in HTML: 53 Minutes)
    Michael Ruppert (wmv: 14 Minutes, 4 Megs)
          "I will name Richard Cheney as the prime suspect in the mass murders of 9/11 and will establish that, not only was he a planner in the attacks, but also that on the day of the attacks he was running a completely separate Command, Control and Communications system which was superceding any orders being issued by the NMCC [National Military Command Center], or the White House Situation Room. --Michael Ruppert

    In Haig's presence, Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as "dumb, stupid animals to be used" as pawns for foreign policy. -Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein The Final Days
    Troops confront Rumsfeld (real streaming)
          another Rummy report (real 2 Mins)
    Army of One (flash)
    DU Dosage (flash)
    More on Deplepeted Uranium:
          Part One: WE DID IT TO OURSELVES (real streaming only)
          Part Two: WHAT'S D.U.? stream download (real )
          Part Three: THEY TOLD ME TO LIE stream download (real )
          Part Four: IF YOU WANT TO GO TO WAR, YOU'RE CRAZY stream download (real )
    Truth From Troops (wmv 9 Mins)
    Truth From Troops 2 (quicktime in HTML)
    Truth From Troops 3 (wmv 9 Mins)
    GI Experiments (real 27Megs)
    The Lie (flash)
    The Truth (flash)
    a victim (flash)
    a victim (flash)
    a victim (flash)
    Kucinich on DU (flash)

    Evolving Lies (qt)
    Pat on Iraq (real in HTML: 5Minutes)
    UNCOVERED: the whole truth about the Iraq war (wmv: 46 Megs)
    Breaking the Silence: real player (streaming: 52 Minutes) windows media (stream/download: 52 Minutes, 36 Megs)
    Iraq: Scott Ritter (real streaming only: 24 Minutes)
    General Jay Garner (real streaming only: 6 Minutes)
    Convoy of Death (quicktime stream/download: 53 Megs)
    General Schwarzkopf on Iraq (wmv: 1 Minutes)
    Between Iraq and a Hard Place (wmv: 49 Minutes, 37 Megs)
    US and War (quicktime)
    Karen Kwiatkowski interview (wondows media: 28Mins, 7Megs)
    Mission Accomplished (real rm)

    Operation Hollywood (57 Mins ram)
    Bush's Buddy (wmv, 13 Mins, 8 Megs)
    America is not divded (wmv)
    Media during war (real 29 Mins)
    Spin stream download (real : 58 Minutes, 24 Megs)
    War Spin (real stream/download: 41 Minutes, 30 Megs)
    The Propaganda Model of News: stream download (real : 1 Hr, 37 Megs)
    Outfoxed Trailer (wmv: 2 Minutes, 4 Megs)

    Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws. - Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschild)
    Monopoly Men (wmv: 50 Megs)
    Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports Exposed (wmv 80 Megs)
    Money Masters part 1 (wmv: 44 Megs)
    Money Masters part 2 (wmv: 47 Megs)
    The Capitalist Conspiracy (wmv: 50 Megs)
    861 Evidence (flash)
    Creature from Jekyll Island (real audio 10 Megs)

    Bush Family Fortunes (wondows media)
    The Trials of Henry Kissinger: stream download (real )
    The commander in chief (quicktime: 3 Minutes, 4 Megs)
    the Clinton Chronicles (window media)
    Bush Family Crimes (windows media) (real player)
    Bush and Bin Ladens (real streaming)
    The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney (rm 40Mins 13Megs)

    Voter Gate broadband dial up (Quick Time)
    Alex Jones: Post Election (mindows media)
    BBC TV: Theft of the Presidency - Florida 2000 (real streaming only: 14 Minutes)
    Greg Palast on C-SPAN 5/5/04: (real streaming only: 56 Minutes)
    How Ohio was "Delivered" to Bush (reports+)
    Hail to the Theif (real streaming)

    Alex Jones: Purpose of the Drug War (window media)
    Hemp For Victory (real : 14 Minutes)
    Grass (real streaming: 1 Hr 18 Mins)
    Bullshit (ram real streaming: 30 Min)
    Drug Wars PBS: trailer (real streaming: 1 Min)
        More  from PBS Drug Wars

    "Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." -- Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.
    Israel Spying on America!! (quick Time in html: 4 Parts)
    American Dictaters (flash)
    Alex Jones at Ground Zero (wmv: 24 Minutes, 27 Megs)
    John Stewart on Crossfire Telling it like it is
    Feel a Draft? (quicktime in HTML)
    Whya a draft? (qt)
    Who's Really Winning The Info War -Alex Jones (real : 1 Hr, 14 Megs)
    Anthrax Investigation stream download (real )
    Isreal Spying on USA:
          part 1 (mov 13 MB)
          part 2 (mov 15 MB)
          part 3 (mov 11 MB)
          part 4 (mov 11 MB)
    Isreali Terrorism (real download 21Megs)
    Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove (2 hrs, wmv, 88 Megs)
    Robert Byrd (real in HTML)
    Mariani talking about her lawsuit (real streaming only)
    Confessions of Economic Hit Man (mp3 1hr)
    Philosphy of Liberty (flash)
    America is not divded (wmv)

    Neo-Con Platform (mov)
    Black Bush David Chapelle (wmv)
    Underwear (mov 5 Min)
    Alex Jones Standing Up 1 Broadband Dial Up (real stream only)
    Alex Jones Standing Up 2 Broadband Dial Up (real stream only)
    Alex Jones Standing Up 3 Broadband Dial Up (real stream only)
    Flight 175 (wmv)
    Pentagon (wmv)
    No Windows (wmv)
    Iraqi Taxi Driver Gets His Vehicle Crushed by US Troops (real in HTML)
    Giuliani Hears 'your government trained and funded Al-Qaeda' (real in HTML)
    Journalist and civilians killed by Apache (real in HTML: 2 Minutes)
    Rep Ryan Sometimes truth makes an appearance in congress
    BBC Attacked (3 Mins ram)
    Enronprise (flash 3 Mins)

    Isreal Spying on America: (mov files)

       part 1 (13 MB)       part 2 (15 MB)       part 3 (11 MB)       part 4 (11 MB)

    Moral Soldiers Defying
    an Immoral Government


    It takes More Courage to fight a
    Domestic Enemy than a Foreign Enemy
    when that Enemy is Within Your Own Government

    Now Over 500 Military Moral Objectors

    US and Child Trafficking

    Franklin Cover Up: Alex Jones Interviews John De Camp (mp3 1Hr)

    Conspiracy of silence (wmv 40Megs 55Mins)

    international trafficking in children by the CIA (wmv 76Megs 55Mins)

    The Power of Nightmares

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

    (real avi 5.7 Megs)
    (real avi 29 Megs)
    (real rm 65 Megs)

    GULF WAR SYNDROME: For those who think Iraq is a game.
    The Children
    and More DU Victims
    More DU Dosage
    Gratitude From Bush
    and More Gratitude From Bush
    More DU Info
    Cilantro for Soldiers

    US Constitution
    FBI Terrorist Recognition Flier Front
    FBI Terrorist Recognition Flier Back
    Northwoods Document
    Patriot Act (html)   (pdf)
    Victory Act (pdf)

    Brave New World
    Black Box Voting
    The New Pearl Harbor
    George Bush: the Unauthorized Biography



    Description :
    911 Research Media and Documentation

    Current Files

    Name sort_none Size sort_none Uploaded sort_none Actions
    CameraPlanet.Missile.Flash.wmv 608.19 KB 01/23/2005 Download
    CNN.Extra.Equipment.Flash.wmv 664.41 KB 01/22/2005 Download
    MSNBC.Laser.Light.wmv 384.94 KB 01/22/2005 Download
    CNN.Extra.Equipment.Flash.Slow.1.wmv 128.31 KB 01/23/2005 Download
    South.Tower.Disintegratration.Chopper.Shockwave.wmv 178.72 KB 04/11/2005 Download
    Larry.Silverstein.Pull.It.2.mp3 495.51 KB 04/11/2005 Download
    South.WTC.Demolition.Slow.wmv 554.75 KB 04/11/2005 Download
    Larry.Silverstein.Pull.It.mp3 452.65 KB 04/11/2005 Download
    North.Tower.WTC1.Demolition.Charges.wmv 396.27 KB 04/11/2005 Download
    Flight.93.LastWords.wma 243.81 KB 01/22/2005 Download
    CNN.Extra.Equipment.Flash.Slow.2.wmv 287.28 KB 01/23/2005 Download
    4.Way.Split.Screen.Pod.Missile.wmv 557.32 KB 01/23/2005 Download
    Missile.Ignition.Flash.swf 31.81 KB 01/23/2005 Download
    Missile.Ignition.Flash.2.mov 1.42 MB 01/23/2005 Download
    North.Tower.Extra.Slow.mov 1.07 MB 01/23/2005 Download
    Dennis.Tardio.Fireman.Boom.Boom.mpeg 4.89 MB 01/23/2005 Download
    Fairbanks.Slow.Missile.Flash.swf 137.23 KB 01/23/2005 Download
    WTC.Missile.Strike.wmv 218.52 KB 01/23/2005 Download
    CameraPlanet.Laser.SWF.zip 1.32 MB 01/23/2005 Download
    911.Senator.Dayton.Accusations.wmv 4.04 MB 01/23/2005 Download
    WTC.North.Controlled.Demo.avi 6.87 MB 01/23/2005 Download
    Jet.Engine.Thrust.Power.Sim.mpeg 977.15 KB 01/23/2005 Download
    Hufschmid.Pentagon.Flight.77.wmv 5.12 MB 01/23/2005 Download
    911.Painful.Questions.pdf 109.41 KB 01/23/2005 Download
    WTC.7.Slow.wmv 464.60 KB 01/24/2005 Download
    North.Tower.FloorExplodes.wmv 1.01 MB 04/11/2005 Download
    Lets.Roll.911.org.Pentagon.Anime.avi 3.58 MB 01/23/2005 Download
    Pentagon.Flash.Strike.Presentation.2.zip 3.18 MB 01/29/2005 Download
    Pentagon.Flash.Strike.Presentation.1.swf 2.98 MB 01/29/2005 Download
    Pentagon.Flash.Strike.Macintosh.hqx 5.43 MB 01/29/2005 Download
    Pentagon.Flash.Strike.Spanish.swf 2.95 MB 01/29/2005 Download
    Missile.South.Tower.Full.Speed.wmv 282.79 KB 02/06/2005 Download
    NYFD.Chief.Bombs.At.WTC.mp3 475.44 KB 02/07/2005 Download
    Union.Book.Cover.1941.NWO.Pax.Americana.jpg 146.77 KB 02/10/2005 Download
    Naudet.Letter.from.Commissioner.mov 1.38 MB 02/11/2005 Download
    CNN.Missile.Flash.South.WTC.swf 127.62 KB 02/11/2005 Download
    WTC.South.Impact.Eastern.View.mov 617.92 KB 02/11/2005 Download
    JeruselumPostRadio.Audio.asx 429.00 bytes 02/11/2005 Download
    WTC.7.6.Second.Collapse.mpeg 1.27 MB 02/11/2005 Download
    WTC.South.CNN.Pod.Flash.Slow.wmv 287.28 KB 02/11/2005 Download
    WTC.South.Fairbanks.Missile.swf 137.23 KB 02/11/2005 Download
    WTC.North.KLTV.News.Demo.Charges.mpeg 1.34 MB 02/12/2005 Download
    WTC.7.Fire.Locations.mov 5.23 MB 02/14/2005 Download
    WTC.7.Demo.Charges.wmv 68.37 KB 02/14/2005 Download
    WTC2.Missile.Flash.FullSpeed.CNN.mpg 795.10 KB 02/18/2005 Download
    Cnn.Pentagon.Jamie.Mcintyre.swf 514.32 KB 02/25/2005 Download
    WTC.7.Disintegration.Front.wmv 194.82 KB 04/11/2005 Download
    Camera.Planet.Missile.Nose.to.Nose.swf 142.72 KB 04/11/2005 Download
    North.Tower.FlashBefore.Impact.mov 369.88 KB 04/11/2005 Download
    giuliani3_0016[1].rm 1.28 MB 05/22/2005 Download





    independent-media.tv/- audio collection archive

    Mike Ruppert San Francisco, Feb 21st, 02. Hear one-hour edit of that talk here .

    Michael C. Ruppert as guest in the Guns & Butter series:
    October 12, 2001
    Wall Street, The CIA & The Terrorist Attacks (23:04) Transcript

    Portland IMC interviews Mike Ruppert: MP3 and Transcript here.
    And another IMC interview, in Eugene, OR. Transcript here.


    Name sort_none Size sort_none Uploaded sort_none Actions
    Phil.Jayhan.Hosts.JackBlood.Show.2.mp3 6.86 MB 01/30/2005 Download
    Phil.Jayhan.Hosts.JackBlood.Show.1.mp3 6.86 MB 01/30/2005 Download
    Phil.Jayhan.Interviewed.Fintan.Dunne.mp3 12.60 MB 01/30/2005 Download
    Phil.Jayhan.Interview.Alex.Jones.6.29.04.mp3 6.36 MB 02/06/2005 Download
    Alex.Jones.Jeff.Rense.Interview.6.12.03.mp3 4.54 MB 02/06/2005 Download
    Phil.Jayhan.Interview.Darrell.Smith.1.31.05.mp3 6.86 MB 02/06/2005 Download
    Phil.Jayhan.Interview.John.Stadtmiller1.8.20.04.mp3 6.87 MB 02/06/2005 Download
    Phil.Jayhan.Interview.John.Stadtmiller2.8.20.04.mp3 6.86 MB 02/06/2005 Download


    Ali Abunimah

    Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman, April 12, 2002
    Voices That Listen, March 4, 2002
    WBEZ's Worldview
    Counterspin: Media Coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict since September 11
    Radio interview with David Barsamian

    David Barsamian on Gender Talk March 18, 2002 (his portion begins at 69 minutes)

    Ward Churchill: 2 part series—part 1, part 2—February 2001

    Arundhati Roy

    Democracy Now! March 4, 2002
    Listen to Arundhati Roy's speech from the World Social Forum in January 2003
    Democracy Now! March 20, 2003

    Vandana Shiva Highlights from the World Water Conference

    Howard Zinn on The Connection: 90.9 FM WBUR (9/25)


    Listen to Independent Free Speech Radio archive



    "Gulf War Mystery Illness Interview" 8/7/03

    Helmut Creutz Zu Gast in der Sendung "Zwischentöne" des Deutschlandfunks:
    Teil 1 30 min- Teil 2 54 min

    english noam chomsky audios files

    2 hrs Michael Ruppert Alex Jones - on rense.com radio July,23rd .2003 media player real player

    Why America Supports Islamic Terrorism  featuring Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

    R.I.S.E. - Radio Internet Story Exchange: The 9-11 CoverUp Commission 58 min info

    Fox Guarding the Henhouse: Kissinger & the Unanswered Questions of 9/11 58 min info

    Michael C. Ruppert on 911, Oil and War 10-04-2002 58min

    server3 april 2003Nico Haupt - More 911 Questions Than Ever rense.com server2

    The End of the Age of Oil - Part 2 featuring Dr. Colin J. Cambell58 min

    The End of the Age of Oil - Part 3 The Oil Alternatives 58 min

    The End of the Age of Oil - Conclusion 58 min Dan Roberts, Arizona Public Service, AC Transit, Richard Heinberg, Derek VanderMolen, Kellia Ramares info

    The End of the Age of Oil - Part 4 Changes to come.A discussion of technological & cultural changes that will have to come as oil production inexorably declines.Prof. Richard Heinberg 58min info


    9/11 forewarning from jail MIKE VREELAND Part 1

    Part 2

    One Step Forward interview of Mike Ruppert and Kellia Ramares excerpted in Vreeland Part 1

    Dan Rather Interviews FEMA spokesman who arrived in NYC the night before

    9-11 and New Wars Was there a military stand down on 9-11? What happened to the anthrax investigation?
    What are the historical roots of the 9-11 attack? John Judge 09/19/2002 58 min info

    Richard Maybury - WWII - The Rest Of The Story - Bonnie Ramthum - War Planning For Iraq War rense.com server 2

    Senator Byrd 2003 The truth will emerge

    audiosROBERT FISKvideos

    Eusace Mullins on the Federal Reserve audio

    89min The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Lecture on the Federal Reserve real audio

    Experiment von Wörgl, gelaufen am 26.04.03 auf Bayern 2 Radio

    Nov. 2002 L. M. Parks, Ph.D., Exe. Dir. Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education (FAME) and author of What Does Mr. Greenspan Really Think?

    KENNEDY ASSASINATION Part 1 58 min info

    PART 2 57 min info


    Leonard Leshuk - The Truth About Chemical Weapons rense.com server2


    Dr. Doug Rokke - Iraq DU Death Aftermath first half of the show april 2003 server2

    Documentary "Collateral Voices"Jeremy Scahill, Scott Ritter, George Gallaway MP, Dale Allen Pfeiffer, Kellia Ramares . 58 min


    Das Geldwunder von Wörgl audio deutsch


    = Urania / Berlin zum 11. September


    Alex Jones interviews Attorney Stanley Hilton who is suing G. Bush for direct involvement in 9/11 on behalf of 400 families

    Who Really Started The 1991 Kuwait Fires? Alex Jones

    Alex Jones Interviews BBC's Greg Palast

    history of money - many files Mises.org Audio gold standard - Federal Reserve

    no 1 poems dont fit the white h.engl audio

    white house trash part2 audio engl


    Listen to Streaming Audio
    Progressive Radio

    Air America-(2)
    Israel Radio
    World Radio Network
    Also RadioPower
    Jim Hightower
    KNRC [Archives]
    Democratic Talk
    Thom Hartmann
    Meria Heller
    Guy James
    Mike Malloy
    Randi Rhodes
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    White Rose Radio
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    Young Turks
    Your Call Radio
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    ZNET Lectures
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    Public Radio-[NPR]
    WINS News
    Between The Lines
    Freak Radio
    Squeaky Wheel
    One World Radio
    Doug Basham
    Dave Emory
    (Internet Radio)




    The Crime And Punishment of I.G. Farben by Joseph Borkin

    From 1938 to 1946, Joseph Borkin was the chief of the Patent and Cartel section of the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice in Washington, and was responsible for the wartime investigation and prosecution of the cartels dominated by I. G. Farben. During the war, he published Germany's Master Plan which led the Associated Press to say: "Joseph Borkin probably knows more about I. G. than anyone outside of it". Since 1946, Mr Borkin has practised Law in Washington and he has written numerous books and articles. He is chairman of the Federal Bar Association's Committee on Standards and Judicial Behaviour, a lecturer in the Catholic University Law School, and Director of the Drew Pearson Foundation.


    Thy Will Be Done by Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett Nelson Rockefeller And Evangelism In The Age of Oil

    In this triumph of investigative journalism, Colby and Dennett show how Nelson Rockefeller and the largest American missionary organization worked with the U.S. and foreign governments to secure resources and "pacify" indigenous peoples in the name of democracy, corporate profit and religion, resulting in massacres and genocide. "This is a rich and fascinating book on a significant and heartbreaking subject, the work of American religion, business, politics, and wars in the eradication and mass murder of the native peoples of the Amazon rain forest." — John Womack, Jr., Professor of History, Harvard University


    Sword and Swastika by Telford Taylor

    As chief of counsel for the prosecution of war criminals at Nuremberg, Brigadier General Telford Taylor had a major part in unraveling the tangled knot of guilt for the launching of the war, and for the concomitant atrocities of the Nazi era.In his book, Mr. Taylor takes advantage of his profound knowledge of the Third Reich and of the roles of the German officer class, the industry and the Nazis.


    Rockefeller Medicine Men - Medicine & Capitalism in America by E. Richard Brown

    When Rockefeller Medicine Men was first published in 1979, it proved to be a controversial work. In reviewing histories of medicine from 1962 to 1982, Ronald L. Numbers called it "the most controversial medical history of the past decade". Part of the controversy generated by the book comes from its social-historical approach to medicine. The growing body of social histories of health-care challenges the "great physician" perspective that for so long has dominated the history of medicine. In his book, E. Richard Brown describes the political economy of health care, integrating material from a variety of disciplines - economics, sociology, political science, epidemiology, history and social policy


    Auschwitz Chronicle 1939 - 1945 by Danuta Czech

    Auschwitz represents the apex of evil; as such, if we can never understand why it existed, we can at least know how. Most documents concerning Auschwitz and its annexes, Birkenau and Monowitz, were destroyed by the Nazis as the Allies advanced at the close of the war, yet much survived to be collected into the archives of the Official Auschwitz Museum, including: more than 3,500 eyewitness accounts by former prisoners; original camp documents that detail transport and admissions lists; written orders from the commandant; orders for laboratory experiments; hundreds of original secret messages - pleas for food and help in escape attempts - smuggled out by prisoners; financial records; building and maintenance files; and information brought out at postwar trials.Auschwitz Chronicle, a collection of these documents, is a monumental reference that records - day by day, month by month - the events and developments of the concentration camp for its planning in the winter of 1939-40 to its liberation in January 1945: the construction, operation, and eventual destruction of gas chambers and crematoriums; the transports and selections; the infamous medical "experiments"; the visits and inspections by SS leaders, physicians, and the Red Cross; the secret resistance activities; and the all-too-infrequent revolts and escapes.Danuta Czech is the former head of the research department of the Official Auschwitz Museum where, in 1955, she began the work that culminates in the Auschwitz Chronicle. Born in Poland in 1922, she was an active member of resistance in the Tarnow region during World War II.


    Auschwitz: 1270 to the Present by Debórah Dwork and Robert Jan van Pelt

    No symbol of the Holocaust is more profound than Auschwitz. Yet the sheer, erushing number of murders - over 1,200,000 of them - the overwhelming scale of the crime, and the vast, abandoned site of ruined chimneys and rusting barbed wire isolate Auschwitz from us. How could an ordinary town become a site of such terror? Why was this particular town chosen? Who conceived, ereated, and constructed the camp? This unprecedented history reveals how an unmarkable Polish village was transformed into a killing field. Using architechtural designs and planning documents recently discovered in Poland and Russia and over 200 illustrations, the definitive "Auschwitz: 1270 to the Present" traces the successive stages of how Auschwitz became the focus of a Germanized Poland and the epicenter of the Final Solution.


    ...und heute die ganze Welt: Die Geschichte der I.G. Farben und ihrer Väter von Otto Köhler

    Im Februar 1915, wenige Monate nach Beginn des Ersten Weltkrieges, steckte die deutsche Heeresleitung in der Klemme. Der importierte Chilesalpeter, Grundstoff für die Munitionsproduktion ging zur Neige. Aber der Erfindergeist in den Labors der Interessensgemeinschaft Farben rettete das Morden – durch die synthetische Herstellung von Ammoniak.Zwei Jahrzehnte später waren es wieder die Chemiker IG Farben, die den Krieg erst ermöglichten – diesmal durch die Herstellung von Benzin aus Kohle. Im Sommer 1932 schlossen Abgesandte des größten deutschen Konzerns mit Hitler den Benzinpakt. Der zweite Weltkrieg konnte beginnen.


    Dokumentation über den IG-Farben-Prozeß

    Die Dokumentation über den im Jahre 1948 beendeten IG-Farben-Prozeß ist eine zeitgeschichtliche Beweisgrundlage von außerordentlicher Bedeutung. Gerade deshalb bleibt die Verwunderung darüber, daß wohl das Gerichtsurteil, nicht aber die Fülle an Einzelheiten während des Prozeß-Verlaufes bislang der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich gemacht worden waren.


    Hefte von Auschwitz 22 Verlag Staatliches Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau (Hrsg.)

    Trotzdem viele Jahre vergangen sind, bleibt die Geschichte der IG Farbenindustrie AG weiterhin Gegenstand des Interesses von Wissenschaftlern sowie Publizisten. Immer noch streiten sie sich über den Umfang der Verantwortung der Direktoren und der Führungskräfte der Firma für die den Nazis geleistete Unterstützung, über die Begründung der Anklagen bezüglich des Raubes der chemischen Fabriken in den besetzten Gebieten durch die Deutschen, sowie endlich - und dies ist der wahrscheinlich ernsteste Anschuldigungspunkt - über die Ausnützung der Sklavenarbeitskraft von Häftlingen des Konzentrationslagers in Auschwitz und die Teilnahme an deren Vernichtung.

    Macht ohne Moral - Eine Dokumentation über die SS von Raimund Schnabel

    Dieses Buch will ein sachlicher Beitrag zur Auseinandersetzung über die Schutzstaffel der NSDAP sein. Sie ist dabei im besten Sinne objektiv, denn sie bringt zur Aufhellung der Geschichte der SS im wesentlichen Selbstzeugnisse dieser Organisation, die im amtlichen Schriftverkehr, in Befehlen, Verordnungen und Originalfotografien ihren Niederschlag gefunden haben.Man kann die vorliegenden Dokumente nicht ohne tiefe Erschütterung zur Kenntnis nehmen, und man muß auf Grund ihres Studiums zu der Schlußfolgerung kommen, daß die SS den Machtanspruch Hitlers besonders brutal verkörperte. Hitlers Macht, ohne jede ethische oder humanitäre Bindung, war unmoralisch. Die SS gehorchte blind jedem Befehl ihres Führers und verwirklichte ihn rücksichtslos - auch den Befehl zu tausenfachem Mord. Die Macht der SS von Hitlers Gnaden war eine Macht ohne Moral.


    onlineWALL STREET & Hitler book english


    book online SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE G. Edward Griffin







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