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www.fakewar.org many videolinks and interviews

www.reallynews.com many video links - daily updates


Documentary Series on Operation Gladio in Italy -- Nato/Western Intelligence supported 'false flag' terrorism

english subtitles

Part 1: http://11syyskuu.net/video/Gladio-1.wmv
Part 2: http://11syyskuu.net/video/Gladio-2.wmv
Part 3: http://11syyskuu.net/video/Gladio-3.wmv

Alex Jones' TERRORSTORM deutsch synchronisiert


Teil 1 (deutsch, WMV, ca. 66MB):    >>Download

Teil 2 (deutsch, WMV, ca. 78MB)::  >>Download

Teil 3 (deutsch, WMV, ca. 42MB):   >>Download

Der neue Film von Alex Jones, TERRORSTORM, legt in einer frontalen Attacke auf die Architekten des globalen Terrorismus die wahre Geschichte vergangener Anschläge offen: Golf von Tonkin, der Angriff auf die USS Liberty, Operation Gladio, die Bombenanschläge in Madrid und London und viele mehr. Zu den interviewten Experten zählen u.a. ex-MI5-Agent David Shayler der vom Plot des MI6 erfuhr, Al-Quaida-Terroristen für ein Attentat auf Gaddafi einzusetzen.




Free 9/11 Movies

· 9/11 Revisisted (00:59:41)
· Loose Change 2nd Edition (01:21:50)
· Who Killed John O'Neill? (01:40:23)
· What's the Truth? (01:26:30)
· Face the Facts (00:47:22)
· Terror Storm (01:52:21)
· The Great Conspiracy (01:10:22)

Truth 911 The Truth About September 11th, 2001



Free 9/11 Audio & Video

· Jeff King - MIT Engineer [VIDEO] (00:14:35)
· William Rodriguez - 9/11 Hero [VIDEO] (00:50:40)
· 9/11 Commission Omissions [VIDEO] (00:08:26)
· 9/11 Commission Omissions: Full Explanation [VIDEO] (00:59:26)
· NORAD on 9/11 [VIDEO] (00:11:42)
· Lou Dobbs - CNN: 9/11 Lies? [VIDEO] (00:03:50)
· Lou Dobbs - CNN: 9/11 Cover Up? [VIDEO] (00:04:49)
· Steven Jones Interview [VIDEO] (00:44:47)
· American Scholars Symposium [VIDEO] (01:38:46)
· Morgan Reynolds - Former Chief Economist [VIDEO] (00:57:14)
· Truth & Lies of 9/11 [VIDEO] (02:17:37)

· William Rodriguez [AUDIO] (00:07:20)
· Kevin Ryan [AUDIO] (00:59:11)
· Richard Grove [AUDIO] (02:05:14)
· Chicago 9/11 Truth Conference Audio Files [LINK]

Truth 911 The Truth About September 11th, 2001


Other Media

· Electronic Voting Machines - Clinton Curtis Testimony [VIDEO] (00:11:58)
· JFK - Secrets & the Press Speech [AUDIO] (00:19:11)
· Daily Show - Iraq War a Foregone Conclusion [VIDEO] (00:02:25)
· Daily Show - Rumsfeld Comments on WMD's [VIDEO] (00:04:33)
· Corey Rowe - Experiences in Iraq [VIDEO] (00:22:56)
· Charlie Sheen on Showbiz Tonight [VIDEO] (00:09:37)
· Charlie Sheen, Speaks Out on 9/11 [VIDEO] (00:34:45)
· Charlie Sheen on Jimmy Kimmel [VIDEO] (00:03:05)
· Loose Change Final Cut Footage [VIDEO] (01:00:20)
· James Fetzer - The Hijackers [VIDEO] (00:08:43)
· James Fetzer on Hannity and Colmes [VIDEO] (00:04:11)
· Kevin Barrett on Hannity and Colmes [VIDEO] (00:05:15)
· Bob Bowman on Hannity and Colmes [VIDEO] (00:04:57)
· Colbert at White House Correspondents Dinner [VIDEO] (00:24:10)
· It was an Inside Job - Wake Up [VIDEO] (00:05:46)
· NORAD and 9/11 Commission [AUDIO] (00:59:00)


Charlie Sheen on CNN 3 Days in A Row

Movie and TV star Charlie Sheen got a lot of publicity for a phone conversation he had on Alex Jones radio show. A major public figure coming out and asking the tough questions of 9/11 is igniting interest in the truth - bravo! This is TV coverage of the interview.

Charlie Sheen on 911 20060322 (WMV 26megs)

Charlie Sheen on 911 20060323 (WMV 26megs)

Charlie Sheen on 911 20060324 (WMV 42megs)


911 Made In The USA featuring Loose Change

This is a compilation of 9/11 footage from around the world showing that many around the world are trying to get the message out, and the great lengths the guilty are going to to hide the truth. This DVD includes the full version of Loose Change First Edition by Dylan Avery, along with documentary samples from 911 Eyewitness, Japan, and a German documentary with an exclusive interview with the filmmaker telling how his documentary was suppressed the next day after it was aired. A must see! [Buy the DVD]

911 Made In The USA with Loose Change 1of4 (WMV 47megs)

911 Made In The USA with Loose Change 2of4 (WMV 47megs)

911 Made In The USA with Loose Change 3of4 (WMV 47megs)

911 Made In The USA with Loose Change 4of4 (WMV 47megs)

Loose Change Second Edition is not so much a sequel as a remake of the original with added footage. Also below is Loose Change coverage by Fox News' New York affiliate that was so popular it shut down their video server on the web. [Official Loose Change Web Site]

Loose Change 2E 1of3 (WMV 47megs)

Loose Change 2E 2of3 (WMV 47megs)

Loose Change 2E 3of3 (WMV 47megs)

Loose Change 2E - Coverage by Fox News
12/01/2005 (WMV 10megs)

Loose Change 2E - Coverage by Fox News
12/02/2005 (WMV 9megs)

hier download Originalversion mit deutschen Untertiteln


911 Eyewitness is a detailed analysis of the sounds of the WTC collapse as heard by a witness on the New Jersey shoreline. This is a stunning video.

[Buy the DVD]

911 Eyewitness 1of3 (WMV 48megs)

911 Eyewitness 2of3 (WMV 48megs)

911 Eyewitness 3of3 (WMV 48megs)

Secret Evil A great quick Overview of the 911 Issues:

Secret Evil of 911 (WMV 12 megs)

911 Mysteries The first 9/11 movie designed specifically for the mainstream audience, a theatrical quality movie-length DVD with a full original soundtrack that will rivet you to your seat and blast out of your home theatre system. Coming soon for DVD purchase and download. 911 Mysteries Web Site

911 Mysteries_Trailer (WMV 6 megs)

Martial Law Alex Jones brings his bulldog style to the 911 issue in a big way. This video covers 911 issues with tons of references, as well as proof of the new police state that it has allowed to take hold. [Buy the DVD]

Alex Jones - Martial Law 911 1of5 (WMV 48megs)

Alex Jones - Martial Law 911 2of5 (WMV 48megs)

Alex Jones - Martial Law 911 3of5 (WMV 48megs)

Alex Jones - Martial Law 911 4of5 (WMV 48megs)

Alex Jones - Martial Law 911 5of5 (WMV 48megs)

jetzt auch deutsch untertitelt auf Google-Video

Teil 1  Teil 2  Teil 3  Teil 4  Teil 5

The Great Conspiracy News Flash: This news special never appeared on the evening news detailing the oddities of the 9/11 attacks, but it raises some amazing questions that everyone should be asking.

The Great Conspiracy - The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw 1of3 (WMV 48megs)

The Great Conspiracy - The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw 2of3 (WMV 48megs)

The Great Conspiracy - The 9-11 News Special You Never Saw 3of3 (WMV 48megs)

Professor Stephen Jones of Brigham Young University detailed how the collapses of the WTC were most likely caused by explosives. His astounding story was covered fairly by a local Utah TV station.

Professor Steven Jones on Utah TV News (WMV 7megs)

The Corporation My vote for the best documentary ever made, this film details the psychological profile of the Corporation, an entity which controls our world, health, information, entertainment, food and political systems. [Buy the DVD]

The Corporation 1of6 (WMV 47megs)

The Corporation 2of6 (WMV 47megs)

The Corporation 3of6 (WMV 47megs)

The Corporation 4of6 (WMV 47megs)

The Corporation 5of6 (WMV 47megs)

The Corporation 6of6 (WMV 47megs)

Hemp Revolution A ray of hope! This should make you feel better because the solutions for most of the worlds problems are within our reach, but are simply being suppressed by corporate interests, but we can have them if we want them enough. Industrial Hemp is not a drug, has no psychotropic effects, yet it is illegal to grow this natural plant in the USA. Want to know why? It's all here.

Hemp Revolution 1of3 (WMV 47megs)

Hemp Revolution 2of3 (WMV 47megs)

Hemp Revolution 3of3 (WMV 47megs)


Congressional hearing on levee bombs (5 mb, realplayer) ----Here is the article that is mentioned in the hearing: Times Picayune: Rumor of levee dynamite persists loose


many documentaries for download torrents www.mininova.org/sub/35

many videos for download : www.alCIAda.net

videolinks 911


Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws. - Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschild)
Monopoly Men (wmv: 50 Megs)
Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports Exposed (wmv 80 Megs)
Money Masters part 1 (wmv: 44 Megs)
Money Masters part 2 (wmv: 47 Megs)
The Capitalist Conspiracy (wmv: 50 Megs)
861 Evidence (flash)
Creature from Jekyll Island (real audio 10 Megs)

Bush Family Fortunes (wondows media)
The Trials of Henry Kissinger: stream download (real )
The commander in chief (quicktime: 3 Minutes, 4 Megs)
the Clinton Chronicles (window media)
Bush Family Crimes (windows media) (real player)
Bush and Bin Ladens (real streaming)
The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney (rm 40Mins 13Megs)

Voter Gate broadband dial up (Quick Time)
Alex Jones: Post Election (mindows media)
BBC TV: Theft of the Presidency - Florida 2000 (real streaming only: 14 Minutes)
Greg Palast on C-SPAN 5/5/04: (real streaming only: 56 Minutes)
How Ohio was "Delivered" to Bush (reports+)
Hail to the Theif (real streaming)

Alex Jones: Purpose of the Drug War (window media)
Hemp For Victory (real : 14 Minutes)
Grass (real streaming: 1 Hr 18 Mins)
Bullshit (ram real streaming: 30 Min)
Drug Wars PBS: trailer (real streaming: 1 Min)
    More  from PBS Drug Wars

Brave New World
Black Box Voting
The New Pearl Harbor
George Bush: the Unauthorized Biography



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