Attempt to connect Loose Change support with right wing elements

On July, 13 the National Zeitung, a german right wing weekly started to advertise for the US-documentary Loose Change.
The owner of the paper Deutsche National und Soldaten Zeitung - now called National Zeitungis is Gerhard Frey
a friend of Gehlen the Ex-Head of the BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) and former Head of Hitler's Secret Service .
Frey was early on working with the newspaper and 1960 he became the owner of the DSZ.
The newspaper was financed by the CIA and also the German Government until the official money support stopped after it became clear
that it was a Nazi paper. Dr. Gerhard Frey's DNZ had maintained a leading position in radical right-wing journalism.

So-called revisionism is playing a strategic part in DVU propaganda. Long before the debate on the 'Auschwitz-lie' , Frey tactically relativised or even denied major NS crimes. As early as 1977 the radical revisionist Arthur Butz, who denied the existence of gas chambers in his denialist classic `The hoax of the 20th Century' was presented with the DNZ honorary award for political victims of persecution. In 1979 the book was officially labelled as one that invoked racial hatred and played down the atrocities of the Nazi regime. Frey partially co-operated with more militant and extremist fringes of the Nazi scene, groups whom in public he criticises for tactical reasons. Frey co-operated with the terrorists of the Wehrsportgruppe Hoffmann, whom he used as body guards at DVU rallies in 1977. Wehrsportgruppe Hoffmann is also connected with the secret Nato Stay Behind Network "Gladio" and there a leads to its connection with the "false flag operation" bombing of the Munich Octoberfest in 1980, it was blamed on eastern bloc secret services.

the most prominent Holocaust denier Irving spoke for the DVU in 10 German cities on `the unatoned Holocaust - the expulsion of the Germans' . 1982 Irving received the DNZ's European Freedom Prize [`Europäischen Freiheitspreises der Deutschen National Zeitung'

Gerhard Frey was a close friend with various nazi members of the Witiko League in the US. The Witiko League and the Sudetendeutch Landsmannscraft were organizations for displaced refugees. By the summer of 1948 they formed large organizations and by 1955 Dr. Walter Becher was elected to the executive board of the Witiko League. Becher was one of the kingpins of nazi front organizations.

In the past there have been several attemps to discredit the german 9/11 movement by connecting it with characters like Horst Mahler.

Mahler is a German lawyer and active member within both the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD) and the Deutsches Kolleg. The latter is a "far-right" think tank calling for a nationalist-racialist and socialist revolution in Germany.

After defending Dutschke as a young lawyer , Mahler moved on to defend Andreas Baader and Gudrun Ensslin members of the german Red Army . In 1970, he fled to Jordan along with his two former clients and a few others, where they briefly trained for guerrilla warfare with the PLO. On their return, they began a "war on imperialism", having established the communist-extremist organization known as the Red Army Faction.

Mahler organised several bank raids, in 1972, Mahler was arrested and wassentenced to fourteen years in prison.
He was released from prison in the early 1980s, was allowed to practice law again and reviewed and changed his political stance.

He came to embrace a synthesis between communism, anti-capitalism, nationalism, fascism and socialism. He believed that class differences should be abolished, the people should be unified in race, traditional religions (Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism) should be abolished or reformed, Jews should be fought, and a national state on racial, socialist and solidarist foundations should be erected.

He has since joined Germany's NPD, which he successfully defended in a trial before the Bundesverfassungsgericht, the highest court in Germany, regarding its potential prohibition. Mahler's personal political views are more radical than those of most NPD politicians and some have even voiced their disapproval of his views

Mahler's license to practice as a lawyer was withdrawn in 2004 and in January 2005, he was sentenced to nine months in prison for "inciting racial hatred". Later in 2005, Ernst Zündel looked to Mahler to defend his own case for "inciting racial hatred", but the judge ruled that Mahler could not serve on the defense team. Also dismissed were public defender Sylvia Stolz, because she signed submissions with Heil Hitler and claimed to act on behalf of the German Empire, meaning the Third Reich. These measures were seen by Mahler and his neo-Nazi adherents to be undemocratic and illegitimate.
He is also claiming that 9/11 was an Inside Job and the WTC was brought down by explosives. Planes were nonexistent on 9/11, instead they were projected using hologram technology.he tried to be seen at several 9/11 events organized in Germany by left and liberal groups. This was widely portrayed in the medai as a direct connection between him an serious 9/11 sceptics. like A. v. Bülow, who is also appearing on the DVD now sold by the bookshop in the right wing weekly.Mahler also attended the trial of Ernst Zuendel in order to make a connection between the 9/11 movement and holocaust deniiers

Ernst Christof Friedrich Zündel (born 1939 in Germany) is a German Nazi, Holocaust denier and pamphleteer who was jailed several times in Canada for publishing literature which "is likely to incite hatred against an identifiable group" and for being a threat to national security, in the United States for overstaying his visa, and in Germany for charges of "inciting racial hatred." 19 years old, Zuendel emigrated to Canada. In the 60s he became a follower of the canadian fascist Adrien Arcand. Until recently his website carried a logo that is identical with the swastica flag, only instead of the swastica it features the letter Z

In 1977, Zündel founded a small press publishing house called Samisdat Publishers which issued such pamphlets as The Hitler We Loved and Why and Did Six Million Really Die?, both prominent documents of the Holocaust denial movement. On February 5, 2003, Ernst Zündel was detained by U.S. local police and deported to Canada, where he was detained for two years on a Security Certificate for being a foreign national who was allegedly a threat to national security pending a court decision on the validity of the certificate. Once the certificate was upheld and Zundel was determined to be a national security risk he was deported to Germany and tried in the state court of Mannheim on outstanding charges of incitement for Holocaust denial dating from the early 1990s. On February 15th, 2007, he was convicted and sentenced to the maximum term of five years in prison.
Who I'd like to meet:
As Christof Friedrich, he also wrote several publications promoting the idea that UFOs are really secret weapons of Nazis who had fled to Neu-Schwabenland in Antarctica. The UFOs supposedly monitor humanity and are part of a secret plan to re-conquer the world at an unspecified time. Whether he actually believed these notions, or if it was just a publicity stunt, cannot be ascertained. In the 1970s, Zündel founded a small publishing house called Samisdat Publishers. Samisdat initially produced UFO-related books, some of them written pseudonymously by Zündel. Within a few years it began disseminating Nazi sympathizer literature, including Zündel's The Hitler We Loved and Why, Richard Verrall's Did Six Million Really Die?, and works by Malcolm Ross. By the early 1980s, Samisdat Publications had grown into a worldwide distributor of Nazi and neo-Nazi posters, audiotapes, and memorabilia, as well as pamphlets and books devoted to Holocaust denial and Allied and Zionist "war crimes", claiming a mailing list of 29,000 in the United States alone. Advertisements for Samisdat Publications were purchased in well-known reputable American magazines and even comic books. West Germany became another large market, in violation of their Volksverhetzung (incitement of the masses) laws preventing Holocaust denial and dissemination of Nazi and neo-Nazi material, going so far as to send mass mailings to every member of the West German Bundestag (parliament). In December 1980, the West German Federal Ministry of Finance told the Bundestag that between January 1978, and December 1979, "200 shipments of right-wing extremist and neo-Nazi content including books, periodicals, symbols, decorations, films, cassettes, and records" had been intercepted entering West Germany; these shipments "came overwhelmingly from Canada." On April 23, 1981, the West German government sent a letter to the Canadian Jewish Congress, confirming that the source of the material was Samisdat Publishers. From 1981 to 1982 Zündel had his mailing privileges suspended by the Canadian government on the grounds that he had been using the mail to send hate propaganda, a criminal offence in Canada. Zündel then began shipping from a post office box in Niagara Falls, New York, until the ban on his mailing in Canada was lifted in January 1983. Zündel was a vocal supporter of alleged Nazi war criminals living in Canada. During the trial of Imre Finta, Zündel was confronted outside the courthouse by a Holocaust survivor. Zündel told the survivor "Listen, yeah, we are gonna get you yet, don't you worry."[10] In 1997, Zündel told an interviewer from an Israeli newspaper that "[t]he Jews of the world have a Holocaust coming, and all the gruesome lies that they have told about people like Germans during the Second World War—all those grotesque Spielberg-like distortions of what really took place—one day will come back to haunt Jews, and I want to not be around when that happens."


Horst Mahler, born 1936, is a German lawyer and active member within both the Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands (NPD) and the Deutsches Kolleg. The latter is a "far-right" think tank calling for a nationalist-racialist and socialist revolution in Germany. Mahler takes pride in being one of the most aggressive antisemites exposing the "Jewish conspiracy" and the role of foreigners. In 2005, Ernst Zündel looked to Mahler to defend his own case for "inciting racial hatred", but on the first day of the trial, November 8, 2005, Judge Ulrich Meinerzhagen ruled that Mahler could not serve on the defense team. Meinerzhagen also dismissed public defender Sylvia Stolz, because she signed submissions with Heil Hitler and claimed to act on behalf of the German Empire, meaning the Third Reich. These measures were seen by Mahler and his neo-Nazi adherents to be undemocratic and illegitimate.


Ernst Zuendels website links to"The Barnes Review," a holocaust denial site - here some featured articles:

Adolf Hitler: An Overlooked Candidate for the Nobel Prize

and an article by By SS Gen. Leon Degrelle
Nuremberg: In the National Socialist Mind

Barnes Review also offers a variety of holocaust denial literature

another site that is linking to "The Barnes Review" is the The American Free Press (AFP)
a weekly newspaper published in the United States which often focuses on the issue of the role of Zionism in the United States.

Christopher Bollyn was a frequent writer for the website until he suggested that they were zionist agents

Bollyn is a friend of Eric Hufschmid -

quotes from Hufschmids websites:
(----The Jews in America then began pushing the New York government officials into selling the World Trade Center to Larry Silverstein so they would have control over the building.-----
It seems as if most books and movies in America find a way to remind us of Hitler or Nazis. Imagine that every group of people were to provide as many holocaust books and movies as the Jews. Imagine that every time you look in a newspaper or magazine, or every time you watch the TV news, you have to put up with somebody's holocaust story.

None of the books or movies about the Holocaust are serious; rather, they try to stimulate pity of Jews and hatred of Nazis.---------- The Holocaust stories are attempts to manipulate, not educate.

The Jews are simply exploiting the suffering and death of their fellow Jews. -----------
The moment a Jew suffers or dies, the other Jews look for ways to exploit the situation. It reminds me of the way cockroaches immediately begin eating one another when one of them dies.--------- )

Hufschmid claims the Loose Change filmmakers are zionist agents

Loose Change Press Release

Louder Than Words LLC will no longer be able to participate in the upcoming 9/11 Accountability Conference in Arizona on February 23rd - 25th, due to the involvement of Eric D. Williams who has authored a book promoting Holocaust denial, entitled "The Puzzle Of Auschwitz."

Louder Than Words LLC does not associate in any way with Holocaust denial groups, hate groups, or fringe conspiracy theory groups of any kind. We regret not being able to
attend, and this does not reflect in any way our passion for seeking the truth regarding 9/11.

We apologize to anyone who was anticipating our presence.