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March, 22 until March, 27 explosive statements and interviews on 9/11

deutsch The shows are based on a Alex Jones radio interview with Charlie Sheen and imply that the US government is lying and was most likely behind the attacks of 9/11.     First CNN Showbiz Show on March 22 Statements of actor Charlie Sheen that there is more behind the official 911 story is discussed. In the first half the statements from Sheen are played, in the second half there is the discussion with the leader of and the producer of "Inside 9/11" of the 'National Geographic Channel'. 



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  CNN refers to the interview with Sheen on GCN: Original Interview with Alex Jones or (mp3, 9MB) article)

Transcript of the 4 shows ( only 9/11 parts)






(TAKE NOTE: All of the hit pieces that have been written on Sheen have done little to actually discredit the subject matter at hand.  As Sheen himself said in a follow up interview (24/03/2006) they instead chose to attack him personally.  This is a good exposure of how the mainstream media works and how the consensus reality of the mass public which feeds off this is manipulated.  This is the real hurdle in exposing the truth about 9/11 - dispelling the myth that one is a nutcase for questioning the party line.)

Charlie Sheen doesn’t buy 9/11 spin - Charlie Sheen, following in the footsteps of his politically outspoken father, Martin Sheen, has joined the chorus of conspiracy theorists who don’t believe the official version of events surrounding 9/11. The estranged husband of Denise Richards, who is better known for his affinity for prostitutes and gambling than his Homeland Security credentials, told the GCN Radio Network he doesn’t buy the government’s explanation that “19 amateurs with box cutters (took) over four commercial airliners and (hit) 75 percent of their targets.”

THE TALK SHOW HOST WHO INTERVIEWED CHARLIE SHEEN APPEARS ON CNN: Video: Alex Jones On CNN Showbiz Tonight - Watch Alex's appearance on CNN's Showbiz Tonight in which he not only successfully defends Charlie Sheen but also batters the Globalists with a raft of facts on the 9/11 inside job.


Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story: Calls for truly independent investigation, joins growing ranks of prominent credible whistleblowers - Actor Charlie Sheen has joined a growing army of other highly credible public figures in questioning the official story of 9/11 and calling for a new independent investigation of the attack and the circumstances surrounding it. 

Reporter Jon Rappoport Confirms Google Censorship Of Sheen Story - Well, the Alex Jones-Charlie Sheen story has started going mainstream. CNN did a short piece on it---on TV. The story still has not made it as a specific investigative news piece in the mainstream. That is to say, no one in the mainstream press has actually dug into the facts Sheen and Jones presented in order to draw intelligent conclusions. Of course, how many news stories actually draw intelligent conclusions?

FOLLOW UP INTERVIEW - FREE DOWNLOAD!: Charlie Sheen: 'Challenge Me On the Facts' - Charlie Sheen speaks on the record for the first time since Monday's interview in which he expressed his serious doubts about the official 9/11 story, comments which caused a firestorm of controversy and interest amongst the mainstream media.   (ALTERNATIVE SOURCE: Download the MP3 from us here.  Share it out, tell your friends and family, burn it onto an audio CD.  Spread the word!)


Venezuelan Government To Launch
International 9/11 Investigation
Walter and Rodriguez to appear on
Hugo Chavez's weekly TV broadcast
Offered their full support for
Charlie Sheen's public stance on 9/11

Actor & Director Ed Asner Shares
11.September Concerns in Interview
Supports Charlie Sheen - calls official
story of 9/11 & Kean Commission a fraud.

New Yorkers to Gather at CNN Studios Wednesday

(For Immediate Release - Thu. 3/23/2006)

9/11 Truth Seekers To Stage


Wednesday, March 29th, Noon - 2pm
Time-Warner Center
10 Columbus Circle
8th Ave. betw. 58th & 60th St.
New York City

Last week the "Showbiz Tonight" program on CNN Headline News aired three programs we believe deserve commendation. We, of the 9/11 truth and justice movement in New York City are heartened that the network saw fit to air extensive segments giving fair coverage to Charlie Sheen's comments about September 11th - as well as a platform for spokesperson Mike Berger, uncompromising radio host Alex Jones, and Webster Tarpley, author of 911 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA. For the first time since the fateful day in September of 2001, mass-audience television broadcast alternative perspectives on what really happened.

(See press release of 3/23.)

    Now is time for all media to show some backbone and actually explore all the reasons why millions and millions of people no longer believe the Official Story of September 11th, 2001. Now is the time for those millions of people who do not believe the official story - a majority of this City's residents, according to a 2004 Zogby poll - to realize that it's safe for them to speak openly about their suspicions with friends, family and neighbors, to recommend books like Crossing the Rubicon and The New Pearl Harbor, or videos like The Great Conspiracy.

    The CNN shows came on the heels of Charlie Sheen's widely disseminated comments on the Alex Jones, in regard to his skeptical views of 9/11. The program ran a poll on the CNN website, in which 84 percent of more than 48,000 respondents had as of Sunday answered yes to the following question:

   This should finally open the network's eyes, and the eyes of its viewers, to the need for the airing of much more such information, information which is available. We urge CNN editors to review the "Top 40 Reasons to Doubt the Official Story of 9/11," on the reverse, and pursue the stories that the mass-audience media have so far failed to cover. (Watch for the publication of the list with full explanations next week at The public has a right to know what lays hidden beneath the facade of the official story on 9/11. Thank you CNN for taking a step in the right direction! Let's see more 9/11 Truth!

"Do you agree that the U.S. government covered up the real events of the 9/11 attacks?"

If so, here's something you can do right now:

(1) Send a message to CNN thanking them for their fair coverage of 9/11 on Showbiz Tonight.

(2) Let them know that they can count on your continued viewership - as long they continue to cover the question of whether 9/11 was an inside job fairly and openly, on CNN's news programs as well as entertainment programs.

(3) Go to and other 9/11 truth sites, inform yourself about the great deception that has been perpetrated on us, and get involved with putting an end to it! -

Attend the weekly "9/11 Truth on Sundays" event series at St. Mark's Church, with films and lectures leading authors and researchers of the 9/11 Truth movement, starting April 9th and almost every Sunday evening at 6PM. Schedule at

Contact for those wishing to get involved in New York:
NY 9/11 Truth Hotline: 212-714-7147

Mike Berger, Media Coordinator
Tel. 816.444.3249


Updates and more will be posted to and at

March 20. New York Magazine feature, The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll,

March 22. First CNN Showbiz Tonight segment.

Showbiz Tonight transcripts:

March 22-24, Progressive Press Press Release “Dam Breaking for 9/11 Truth - Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Charlie Sheen hit the Mainstream.” Hottest item of the month on the popular free press release site

March 24, Charlie Sheen on Alex Jones, “Challenge me on the Facts,” and Alex on Showbiz Tonight:

March 24, Webster Tarpley on Alex Jones, partial transcript

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  Followup: Video of  Interview with Alex Jones on March, 23 (Avi, 32 MB)

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