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ZDF Heute Journal 18.8.206
Loose Change - 9/11 Erfolgsfilm

12.08.2006 Tagesspiegel
11. September – ein großes Komplott?
Internetfilm vermutet die US-Regierung
als Drahtzieher der Anschläge –
Wissenschaftler stützen die These

Tagesspiegel 10.8.06
9/11-Filme auf der Warteliste
"Loose Change" stellt die Behauptung auf,
dass die Türme des World Trade Centers
kontrolliert gesprengt worden seien.


3Sat Fernsehen

08.08.2006 / Dominique Gradenwitz für Kulturzeit

Historical Mission
Three young filmmakers ask unpleasant questions in their film "Loose Change"

Most controversial media event in the US is LC2 - seen by 20 million - unanswered questions

Quotes Dylon telling the history of the film.

40 % of americans believe in a conspiracy - growing feeling for the need of a new investigation -

interesting for media analysts like Peter Hart: "many unanswered questions - catastrophic event -
makes perfect climate for alternative theories." -

Film reports on explosions - questions about them - but nobody knows really what happened.

for the filmmakers Bush is behind the attacks - but the film can`t proove it -

media critic Peter Hart: "very popular film that moves many people - but has many weak points - the mainstream media should deal with the questions - why they do not do so - its their own fault."

Mainstream media ignores the hard questions- but there a many LC critical websites that contradict LC claims
point by point. - one point is Osamas ring - they show images islamic clerics and Osama himself wearing jewellery.

LC team is convinced about their historical mission - "I believe in this importance of this

Loose Change comes close to the truth or falls for wild speculations - that is not decided yet .

it seems clear that the US government turns LC into a web blockbuster with its own misinformation
and their tactic to block information.


August, 1


Berliner Zeitung - Berlin Daily

Andreas Förster

Slowly growing doubt

A film about 9/11 creates a furore in the US, "Loose Change" is the title and it translates best like "Beginning Change".

The perfect title it seems, because in the US slowly there is a change of view towards 9/11 evolving. More and more people demand the government to investigate the many contradictions and strange coincidences concerning 9/11. Until today there is no official police report existing that show the real chain of events that took place on 9/11.

The movie the 22 year old filmmaker Dylan Avery worked on for 3 years together with 2 of his friends arranges in a perfect way the well known "unanswered questions" of the 9/11 sceptics with original footage, interviews and a fitting music background.
For example the film shows several times the impact of the first plane into the North Tower in slow motion.
You see there is a flash coming out of the tower, before the shadow touches the tower, - was the explosion not triggered by the plane, but by an immediately before the impact fired missile?

The Pentagon. The movie shows an CNN report from the Pentagon right after the attack: the lawn is untouched, there are only a few small wreckage parts around, nothing to be seen of tail section, wings ore engines, that would have broken of when the plane impacted.

"It might look like it, but after I had a close-up look, I think there is no proof that a plane crashed anywhere close to the Pentagon" says the CNN reporter in his live report.
Was it really a missile that was hitting the Pentagon?

Dozens of more questions are put forward by the film: Why 7 hours after the Twin Towers collapsed a another neighboring barely damaged WTC building in which CIA and SEC had offices did collapse? Why were the videocameras on the roof of the WTC that normally feed the TV station with live pictures were out of order just on 9/11 ? Was the plane that came down in Pennsylvania really shot down?

At the end Avery comes to a damaging conclusion: Not Al Quaida is responsible for the attacks, but a powerhungry elite in the center of american power.
This is not a new assumption and it will also not be proven by this film.
But nevertheless the film, which is available online ( and on DVD has been seen by 10 Million people up to now.

Berliner Zeitung, 01.08.2006

8.8.2006 Deutschlandradio

August, 2nd



Was it really an airplane?

Two young Americans cause a furor in the internet community. They try to proof , that the US government was behind tke attacks of 9/11.

Why in the days before the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon an unusual amount of stock options were put on American Airlines speculating on shortly falling stock?
Was it only a coincidence , that less than a week before the attacks the Twin Towers were insured for billions and the contract included terror attacks?
And most important: When you look at the front of the Pentagon, after the impact of AA77, then it becomes clear that the hole could not have been caused by a Jet with a wingspan of more than 30 meters.
Has not really a missile impacted there?
Has the american government maybe lied to the american public about the real events behind 9/11?

This questions and more are asked in a documentary of the events of 9/11 , which since the end of May
cause a lot of discussion on the internet. More than 10 million times the 1hr 24min long film was
watched on Video Google, the homepage gets 20000 hits per day, 50000 DVDs were sold.

Two boys from Oneonta

the enormous response proofs: A few open questions of 9/11, thats how the americans call this day,
questions which are not even fully answered in the official congressional investigation cause alot of support for the conspiracy theorists and their crude assumptions.
42% of the americans believe according to recent polls that the official investigation suppressed important evidence. Especially many young people under the age of 30 believe that US politicians had forewarnings of the events.

Dylan Avery is only 22 years old and lives in Oneonta (13000 inhabitants) in New York State.
Together with his friend Korey Rowe who is a year older he compiled the documentary from public available material. 6000$ they invested into the research. For the makers of "Loose Change" - which stands here for slow change of public perception -it is clear, who where the people behind 9/11.
Their own government had finally their way to accomplish what they wanted, with the support of the
frightened voters: to drive out the Taliban from Afghanistan and most important the toppling of Saddam Hussein and the occupation of Iraq.

Around this mindboggling speculation a lively discussion developed on the internet. is attacking these theories. In at least 37 points the young men from Oneonta make claims that are refuted long ago - for example the fable about a missile at the Pentagon.
The filmmakers would have quoted from News agency and TV reports, that later on were taken back by the agencies, claiming they originally came out because they could not check the stories in the initial chaos.

The internet editorial department of the magazine "Popular Mechanics" collected in lenghty process
the dossier "9/11 - debunking the myth" and disproves among other the always repeated claim that
burning kerosine alne would have not been sufficiant to make the "Twin Towers" collapse.
Jim Meigs the chief editor resumes: "Healthy skepticism is important, but in many cases it has developed into unhealty paranoia."


„Loose Change“

Ein Internetfilm über 911 bricht alle Rekorde - FAZ.NET - Politik

Article in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Sunday edition

Mainstream liberal conservative german Newspaper


same article in Spiegel magazin ( published with permission from Frankfurter Allgemeine)

here a translation of the article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine:

„Loose Change“

Internetfilm breaks all records.

It was a depressing image : A wide open hole in the front of the Pentagon, following the attacks on
9/11, the symbol of american strenght punctured, But in the Internet documentary "Loose Change" the
hole in the Pentagon becomes even more depressing, because the film explains quite plausible, that a
plane can`t cause a hole like that.

Should it be possible, that the government lied and the hole itself really was the result of a self
inflicted attack with a missile? Unbelievable.
There were many unfounded conspiracy theories about the involvement of the Bush government in 9/11,
but also many unanswered questions - but until now very few were presented in such an insistent way.
"More than a fictive story."

Who profited on 9/11?

The video appears a time, when there is a growing demand in the US for a further investigation into
the events of 9/11. Only on Google more than 10 million watched the video.
The website gets more than 20000 hit per day and even "Vanity Fair" praised the
homemade video in a long article.

The filmmaker himself, Dylan Avery who is 22 years by now and lives in Oneonta in New York State,
three years ago just wanted to do some research a some fiction story about 9/11.

The plot should be very simple: he and his courageous friends found out that 9/11 was instigated by
the US government. "During the research it became more obvious that this was more than fiction.
So in the process of 2 years, with more and more information, the ficional movie developed into a
documentary.", Avery writes on his homepage. For the first edition of the film Avery invested 2000$
into a computer and a video cutting program. Right now he and his 22 year old producer Korey Rowe are
negotiating with big movie studios about the new version of "Loose Change" due to come out on the 5th
anniversary of 9/11 this year.

"It is the Kennedy assasination of our generation."

What is special about this video documentary might be that is has no secrets. The film is a collage of
freely available documents in the public domain, excerpts of TV reports and interviews, quotings of
government sources and eyewitness reports. All this is presented in a kind of MTV style, many
crossfadings, fast cuts and a permanent carpet of music, created by friends of Avery.

With this collage the film wants to ask questions: What was causing the explosions that eyewitnesses
report about, shortly after the planes hit the Twin Towers? Why was Ground Zero not sealed off as a
site of crime? And who profited on 9/11?

The way in which these questions are presented, reminds sometimes of Michael Moore`s style, but
right on top of the film`s internet page the visitors are encouraged not to take facts for granted
without verifying them, everyone should research for himself.
Some visitors accuse Avery to push theories, hardcore conspiracy theoriests claim he himself is part
of a CIA campaign. But Averys information campaign wants nothing else than to invoke questioning the
government and the media. Within the internet community he has become the representative for a whole
generation, for whom the most dramatic event in their lifetime was 9/11.

"This is the Kennedy murder of our generation." The filmmakers count on the assumption that the 9/11
case will develop into "the second american revolution" from a grassroot level.
Even if it might be still far off from there: the further "Loose Change" spreads out on the internet,
the louder the questions will get, at least those never answered questions directed to the american


Die Presse 31.07.06
325.000 daily readers
Vienna Austria

Internet Film breaks all records
The movie "Loose Change" deals with the conspiracy theories that evolve around the events of 9/11 and hits the nerve of a generation "Loose Change" foremost consists of a cleverly done montage of filmclips freely available in the public domain.

A new movie, produced by Dylan Avery alone, right now is very much discussed in the internet community: meticulously he is analysing the inconsistencies that accured around 9/11.

In this way he is hitting the nerve of a whole generation, for 9/11 was a very important event in their live, they view the official explanation of 9/11 very sceptical.

Averys film is in no way polemically promoting conspiracies theories, but instead he is comparing statements of politicians, eyewitnesses and media reports.

And these statements not only show a lot of contradictions and this makes the movie at the same time so interesting.

The filmmaker, who did produce the film on a shoestring budget on his own computer, does not come to any "real" conclusions, but wants to inspire the viewers to think for themselves, not to believe everything what they are told.

An unexpected success story.

The film is available on the internet or one can mailorder a DVD.
One can watch it easily online at Video Google, which many viewers did.
So many that the film hit the Toplist and became the mostly viewed film.



follows an article in the "Welt" on July 29
--- reads similar on the quoted facts, but claims the single facts to be connected in a
propaganda style manner by the filmmakers.--------------

Article in Norways Dagbladet August 3, 2006

and on August, 4 an article in the Rheinische Post - decribing the history and the success of the film,

which is produced in a slick and fast MTV style. Asking many questions - laving thee viewer to think for

himself to come to conclusions. Plan to go for the big screens starting on 9/11 this year.


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